Manufacturers of embedded systems, Matlog partners

To offer its customers the best products based on technological innovations in the field of industrial computing and embedded systems, Matlog selects its suppliers carefully. Thus, Matlog works with the best international companies. Companies at the forefront of technology, able to offer the best products in the field
. Since 1994, Matlog distributes industrial computing solutions in France with international renowned companies such Arduino and solutions such as ZigBee or XBee
. Such partnerships ensure our customers products of high technology, quality and get a wide choice of products. Matlog ensures a broad hardware offering, original products and a real sustainability in its partnerships.


Discover our suppliers

Nous travaillons avec des entreprises spécialisées dans les systèmes embarqués, à la pointe de la technologie :
- Asem
- Digi international
- Gumstix
- Nagasaki
- Rabbit Semiconductor
- Inputel
- Risecom Corporation
- Sealevel
- Pikkerton
- Banana Pi
- King Kong Robot
- Microbot

- Nautilus Infotech

- IOT Workshop

- Monnit Corporation