Our activity: embedded systems

We are importer and distributor in France of embedded systems and programmable modules, wired or wireless. Our international partners are all very innovative manufacturers in the following areas: single board computers, industrial controllers, communications, Ethernet / Serial / Wireless, operator interfaces and panel PCs, connectivity ZigBee mesh networks, Industrial Keyboards, Dataloggers and control PCs in rack size, mini, or shoebox, rugged touch monitor, 802.15.4 radio components / WiFi / ZigBee / Bluetooth interfaces adapters, and serial or Ethernet port servers.


Our credo

Offer an attractive alternative to conventional technologies used in industrial computing and electronics onboard (PLCs, HMIs and PC computers). Our solutions often lie halfway between the turn-key expensive offers and the level component from which the designer embarks on a long and risky development. Our standard programmable solutions enable to develop specific customer applications in development time on average 4 times faster than the standard design method. With our products, our customers are positioned more as designers but as an integrator, thus eliminating the constraints of research components, keeping stock, and production. Risks related to the length of the developments and unforeseen obsolescence are also mastered.


Our strengths

- Original products, the latest technology
- A true manufacturer sustainability
- A wide range of material offer often surprising or atypical
- A full range of expertise and services around our products

- A human structure, reactive, knowing quickly how to find a solution for the needs of our customers



Founded in 1994 , the Company MATLOG broadcasts in France industrial computing solutions based on PCs with hardened I / O cards for measurement and control.

These "low cost" technologies alternative to the traditional instrumentation pave the way for 20 years with embedded technologies that will spearhead the company.


1996 - Signature of crucial alliance with the Californian company Rabbit Semiconductor (formerly ZWorld) making Matlog its French representative . Matlog takes a more original direction by proposing Rabbit Semiconductor products (traditionally for the field of embedded) as a credible alternative applicable in areas where the PC and the PLC reigned ad undisputed masters.


1999/2000 - The embedded market is exploding thanks to the transfer of new Internet technologies in the world of industry. Rabbit Semiconductor is positioned immediately in this new market by integrating its products, like any standard I / O, embedded Web and email functions. In one year, sales are then multiplied by 4 and Rabbit Semiconductor products recognized as the industry standard.


2001 - Signing of an agency agreement with American Two Technologies allowing Matlog complete its offer with portable operator interfaces.

Pocket PCs manufacturer are true fighters and material are made to follow operator even in the most hostile terrestrial environments.


2005 - New contract with the Taiwanese company Nagasaki allowing Matlog create a Panel PCs offer, Industrial monitors, kiosks and embeddable mini PCs. This new offer, through the concept of panel PC allows to establish a link between the computer and standard industrial embedded systems.


2006 -. Signing a major representation contract with DIGI International during the acquisition of Rabbit Semiconductor, making Digi the global leader in wired or wireless interconnection devices Digi International trusts Matlog - its historical Rabbit distributor - and gives more access to the rest of its product line. Digi is best known for its modules for Serial / Ethernet Digiconnect and its range of XBee 802.11.4 and ZigBee OEM radio modem.


2009 - Matlog sign ASEM, a European leader in industrial sedentary computing : Rack PC, POS terminals and workshop. ASEM full range harmoniously Nagasaki range. Matlog offers a choice ranging from small embedded fanless to heavy Workshop systems.


2010 - The American manufacturer Gumstix , famous for its micro-boards shipping processors Cortex-A9 OMAP Linux, appointe Matlog as sole partner in Europe for the distribution of its products in all areas of research and teaching.


2011 - The U.S. SEALEVEL board specialist add-on modules and industrial I / O and communication entrusts its French MATLOG representation. The original manufacturer of military electronic systems, Sealevel will build on this knowledge to decline numerous ranges reputation with robustness and ease of use.


2012 - ARDUINO is the most famous manufacturer of "Open Source" card controllers for education, robotics, home automation, modeling and entertainment electronics. Arduino wants to complete its French network of distribution with Matlog, which provides an opening to the industrial world and the more specific professional embedded systems.


2013 - PIKKERTON  German integration specialist of Digi International radio products sign with Matlog - French importer for "Embedded" ranges - a distribution agreement for the instrumented radio sensors for smart home (Home Automation), access control and security.



is a French company that designs and manufactures complete measurement solutions and sensor system supervision.


supports its customers at all stages of life - design, deployment and maintenance - their telecom wireless networks and their networks payphone.