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Prismatic li-ion batteries

Prismatic li-ion batteries

The prism unit case is very robust. These help create personalized prismatic batteries, avoiding complicated research and expensive mechanical stress tests.

The large capacity of each battery cell, only one battery cell up to 300Ah, is the force of the industrial sector in the manufacture of large capacity batteries to avoid installing batteries in the bypass and improving the safety of all Batteries.

Another important aspect is the screw terminal which, even on the ground, can simplify the assembly and facilitate the replacement of the components.

These prismatic Li-ion batteries can be used in the industrial and automotive sectors.

Nominal voltage 3.7V
Nominal capacity 11MAH at +4,000MAH
Length 1mm to 9.5mm
Lenght 8mm at 74.5mm
Height (+1mm) 13.5mm at 125mm
Energy High density
Memory No effect
Self -discharge rate Weak
Integrated protection electronic circuit