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IoT connectivity

MATLOG specialist in IoT connectivity offers a wide range of short, medium or long worn solutions for the connection of equipment and data transmission.

The choice of aradio moduleCan be complex according to the number of equipment to be connected, the network profile, the desired data flow, the necessary scope, interoperability with other equipment, the environment and the deployment geographic area.

Among our offer, of course, the famousXbee modulewhose success is no longer to be demonstrated, particularly recognized for its simplicity of integration, the diversity of available protocols, including the popular zigbee, the palette of utilities and accessories provided.

For local links, we also offerWiFi modules, Bluetooth modules, or WiFi/Ble combined which will allow communication to third -party equipment or connection to access points.

For long distance connectivity, our offer is based oncell modules, 4G and 5G broadband for applications requiring it, or LPWAN low consumption NB-IOT or LTE-M with also in the catalog the alternative LORA/LORAWAN.