XBee DataWave Wireless Adapters

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The XBee Datawave Wireless adapters create a wireless link to connect different RS232 Series or RS485 or Analog Entry/Exit equipment. These Datawave Wireless adapters incorporate a Digi XBee Series2 module and can therefore connect with any other local XBee network.

Possible wireless network architectures:

Point to Point: Wireless bridge between 2 standard or USB devices,

Star: Connecting multiple devices to a central point

Mesh: connecting several devices to each other, using Digi XBee Maillée ZigBee or DigiMesh technology

The RS232 and RS485 versions incorporate a Micro USB port configuration and/or data uplift.

A version Digital and Analogy Entries/Exits to XBee is also available.

It's an extremely easy-to-use solution to create a point-to-point link as a cable replacement. When an RS232 adapter is used with an RS485 link adapter, data conversion is automatically "over the air."

The adapter can also be easily integrated into a Point-Multipoint or XBee mesh network.

Datawave's XBee adapters carry a module Digi XBee S2C or Digi XBee Pro S2C depending on the versions, making them 100% compatible with a network using XBee Series 1, 2C or 3 equivalent protocol

The adapters are available in 2.4GHz version, and also in 900MHz version for the North American market.

The adapters all come with power and antenna

Available versions:

Adapter RS232 -> XBee or XBee Pro, 2.4GHz or 900MHz

Adapter RS485 -> XBee or XBee Pro, 2.4GHz or 900 MHz

Entry/Exit Adapter -> XBee or XBee Pro, 2.4GHz or 900MHz

Option Rail Din

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