Digi ConnectCore 8X - i.MX8X DualX and QuadX Plus

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The latest Digi core processor module based on NXP i.MX8X processors, this module offers unmatched performance in computing and video processing capacity, all in an extremely compact format (40-45 mm)

This high-performance module is processor-based i.MX8X, which benefits from NXP's longevity program, guaranteeing 10-year sustainability

The concept of this heart module was designed to facilitate integration, either by using the via castellées or the LGA contacts, which then give access to all the features of the core processor. On-board Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are pre-certified, limiting design risks and certification costs.

Product highlights:

  • Industrial-profile heart processor with a compact design (40 x 45 mm)
  • Very low-consumption modes set up
  • Multi-display with graphics accelerator
  • Pre-certified Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Edge Compute and cloud integration facilitated.
  • Linux Yocto and Android 8


Som ConnectCore CC8X
Processor enforcement NXP i.MX8X QuadXPLus - 4 Cortex A35 - 1.0GHz , 1 x Cortex M4F@264MHz for real-time process, 1 x Tensilica HIFI 4DSP
Mca Microcontroller Assist on board with independent micro Cortex M0 , Ultrabasse consumption support < 3A
Memory Up to 4GB RAM DDR3
Up to 64 GB Flash eMMC
Networks 2 x Gigabit Ethernet - AVB
  Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  Bluetooth 4.2
Video Multistream engine H265 (4Kp30), H264, VP6.VP8, MPEG, realvideo 1080 decoding and H264 encoding. 3D HD video rendering
Interfaces 1 x SD, 5 x UART, 4 x SPI, 8 x I2C, USB, 4 x PWM, PCIe, 2 x MIPI, Display, Audio Etc...
Other  i.MX8X benefits from NXP longevity program
Design Design verification: temperature, shocks, vibrations, accelerated aging
Security  Digi Trustfence, Ciphers, TRNG, Trustzone, Secure JTAG etc.
Operating temperature -40 degrees Fahrenheit - 85 degrees Fahrenheit
Format 118 castellated via, LGA x 474 1.27 mm pitch / 40 x 45 x 3.5 mm


i.MX8X Wireless Flash Ram
CC-MX-JP6D-ZN 8DualX - 8gb 512mb
CC-MX-JP7D-ZN 8DualX - 8gb 1 GB
CC-WMX-JP7D-ZN 8DualX Yes, I'm 8gb 1 GB
CC-MX-JM8D-ZN 8QuadXPlus - 8gb 2 GB
CC-WMX-JM8E-NN 8QuadXPlus Yes, I'm 16gb 2 GB


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