Digi Connect SP - Ethernet Conversion/Series 1 port


Digi Connect SP - Ethernet Conversion/Series 1 port

The Digi Connect SP is a standard port server on Ethernet ready to use, presented in compact case.

Its use in RS232/RS485/RS422 to Ethernet allows the networking of machines or devices that do not initially have this connectivity.

The Digi Connect SP offers customizable version (C) the ability to ship web applications in a secure environment.


Digi Connect SP

General features

RISC 32bit NET-ARM processor (NS7520 - 55MHz)

4MB Flash Memory / 16MB RAM

Interface RS232/422/485 DB-9M plug (switch selection)

Speed up to 230400 bps

Ethernet 10/100 BaseT

Software functions

Notification of events via email/traps SNMP

IPv6 support

SSL/TLS encryption: DES (56 bits), 3DES (168 bits), AES (128/256 bits) certified NIST

TCP/IP battery with web server

Static IP, DHCP, Auto-IP

Dynamic DNS Support (DHCP option 12)

Secure web user interface

Pre-defined and customizable profiles

Customisable web interface with Java applet media

Telnet's control line interface

Emulation modem and port logging



Storage temperature: -40 degrees to 90 degrees Fahrenheit

Running: 0 to 60 degrees Celsius

Humidity 5% to 90% uncompensated

Altitude: 3658m (12,000 feet)

Food: 9-30 VDC (450mA)

Size: 9.85cm x 4.27cm x 2.54cm


Model Digi Connect SPstandard (RS232/422/485)


Model Digi Connect SP Custom





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