XBee 868 LP - Low consumption


Radio modules XBee 868LP (Low Power or Low Consumption)are designed to provide a long range radio link with significant performance while having very low power consumption.

The modules have30 channels between 863MHz and 870MHz frequencies in mode "Listen-Before-Talk " which frees them from a "Duty Cycle": The module can operate 100% of the time!

The 868LP is the first RF module for industry, using LBT + AFA techniques (Listen Before Talk and Adaptive Frequency Agility). The module "listens" to the environment before speaking. If it is disturbed, it automatically changes channels. Polling is a matter of microseconds, which does not affect overall performance.

Using SMT (Surface Mount) technology, the XBee 868LP is compatible with the XBee ecosystem. The settings are also made with the free XCTU software, a platform common to all the products of the XBee ranges.

Topologies point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, as well as DigiMesh mesh networks are supported.

There is also a programmable variantusing a free version of the Freescale Code Warrior. This version, combined with dedicated 32KB memory resources, considerably simplifies electronic developments which would only involve a few I / O or process controls in relation to the capacities of the Freescale MC9S08QE32 microcontroller.

XBee 868 LP modules are all in the format "Surface Mount" for a CMS integration



Cortex M3 EFM32G230 @ 32MHz, ADF7023 tranceiver

Frequency bands

863MHz to 870MHz in 30 channels


UFL, RF pad,
or PCB (only approved for 10Kbps)

RF speed

10Kbps (version terminated by "-001")

or 80Kbps (version terminated by "-002")

The bios can be modified by software configuration

Indoor / urban range

Up to 150 m with external antenna
or 75 m with PCB antenna

Outdoor range /
line of sight

Up to 4 km with external antenna
or 1 km with PCB antenna

Transmission power

Up to 12 dBm (16 mW), software selectable

Receiver sensitivity

-101 dBm @ 80 Kbps / -106 dBm @ 10 Kbps

Digital I / O


Analog inputs

4 channels 10 bits resolution

Operating temperature

-40 to + 85 ° C

Network topologies

Point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, peer-to-peer,
DigiMesh (-002 only), Repeater


2.7 to 3.6 VDC

Current in transmission

48 mA

Receiving current

27 mA

Sleep mode current

1.7 µA



XBee ecosystem

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XB8-DPPS-001 /


Module with PCB antenna (10Kbps / 80Kbps)

XB8-DPRS-001 /


Module with RF pad antenna (copper area where the user can solder their own antenna) (10Kbps / 80Kbps)

XB8-DPUS-001 /


Module with UFL connector for external antenna (10Kbps / 80Kbps)


Module with UFL connector for external antenna, programmable version

(10Kbps / 80Kbps)


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