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You can find all the module references here XBee company support ZigBee protocol Latest version Zigbee 3.0

Notes ZigBee protocol yes Mesh wireless network protocol operation In the 2.4 GHz band.

This agreement is InteroperableThis means that different devices using the radio protocol will be able to communicate with each other. Even if the internal radio components are different.

In practice ZigBee network can contain up to 500 modules-Yes. It depends on the size and frequency of the message. The longer and more frequent the message is sent, the lower the network density.

Commonly used Gateway connecting ZigBee network with the outside world-Yes. Digi suggested that Industrial gatewayOr SBC (single board computer) based on arm i.mx6 u moduleone-Yes. This SBC includes a native XBee schematic with built-in drivers. It will provide more flexibility in terms of available interfaces, but it needs to be packaged. Digi x-stick Connect to the network through a PC equipped with a USB port.

It is worth noting that ZigBee protocol is not the most effective in managing networks with multiple mobile nodes. In this case, 802.15.4 "point to multipoint" protocol may be more suitable. -> See point to point or point to multipoint XBee solutions

For the dense network of battery powered equipment, you can consider XBee digimesh solution, which is a proprietary protocol, but you can put the whole network in standby state to save battery, while ZigBee network requires router nodes to be always in standby state.-> See XBee digimesh solution

modular XBee Series 2 and series 3 support ZigBee protocol In their Standard version of 6.3mw or 8dB or Pro version at 63MW or 18db-Yes. You are responsible for complying with the radio regulations in the deployment area.

XBee has different physical deflections around the CMS shape factor "SMT" or through "through hole" or mini, combining different antenna, PCB, chip, u.fl or RF board options.

Click the link to visit XBee series 3 or XBee Series 2

XBee ZigBee / equivalent series 2 and 3 modules:

    Series 2 Series 3
Module type Antenna type standard major standard major
XBee crossing (through hole) U. Florida XB24CZ7ITU-004 XBP24CZ7ITU-004 Xb3-24z8ut-j type XB3-24Z8UT
administrative management XB24CZ7SIT-004 XBP24CZ7SIT-004 Xb3-24z8st-j type XB3-24Z8ST
pcb Xb24cz7 pit-004 XBP24CZ7PIT-004 Xb3-24z8pt-j type XB3-24Z8PT
XBee surface mount (SMT) U. Florida XB24CZ7UIS-004 XBP24CZ7UIS-004 Xb3-24z8us-j type XB3-24Z8US
RF pad XB24CZ7RIS-004 XBP24CZ7RIS-004 Xb3-24z8rs-j Xb3-24z8rs-j
pcb XB24CZ7PIS-004 XBP24CZ7PIS-004 Xb3-24z8ps-j type Xb3-24z8ps-j type
XBee mini (micro SMT) U. Florida Not applicable Xb3-24z8um-j type XB3-24Z8um
RF pad Xb3-24z8rm-j type XB3-24Z8RM
chip Xb3-24z8cm-j type XB3-24Z8cm



XBee series 3-zigbee 3.0 Development Kit - refer to xk3-z8s-wzm-include:

-Three digi XBee grove development maps
-Three xbee3 ZigBee 3.0 CMS module UFL connectors
-3 micro USB cables
-3 antennas with adapter
-Complete instructions via Internet and video

XBee series 2-zigbee 3.0 development kit (xkb2-z7t-wzm)include:
-Three XBee grove development cards
-Three XBee ZigBee antenna PCB modules
-3 USB cables for micro USB
-2 XBee stickers

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