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On -board electronics

Heart processor modulesArm or x86are at the heart of our on -board electronic offer. These modules allow the development at lower risk and a fast marketing of a complete on -board system.

As a choice, a wide variety of processors depending on the necessary computing power, precisely sized memories, diversity of interfaces and pre-certified WiFi/BT connectivity.

Different form factors are S for a perfect adequacy to the deployment constraints of the on-board system: ultra-compact modules resistant to high shock and vibrations,SODIMM200 modulesTo simplified integration and constrained economic format, modules in Q7 or SMARC format with high computing power ...

In addition to this processor module offer, the user can choose to go on an SBC ARM or a card to the last standard Com HPC where all the interfaces are integrated, or even a complete and operational system like our hardened PCs or Industrial compact PCs Intel or AMD heart, to get rid of the electronic design phase.

Also in this range, and witnesses of the sustainability of the solutions we offer,Rabbit modulesMarketed since 2005 are still in the catalog and available on stock.