Bluetooth module 5.0 hoperf bt4502w and bt4502bw


Bt4502w and bt4502bw Bluetooth modules are wireless data transmission modules based on cmt4502 low energy Bluetooth chip 5.0

Module characteristics

The user interface communicates through serial port, two-way full duplex communication, and supports the minimum transmission speed of 9600 bps

  • Fast connection: the default connection interval is 30 ms,
  • Support 2m symbol transmission
  • Support 244 byte packet transmission
  • Support at command to reset software and get mac address
  • Support at command to set Bluetooth connection interval and control different transmission rates (dynamic power adjustment)
  • Support at command to adjust TX power, modify ad interval, define ad data, define device ID, set data delay (time to receive user MCU serial port), Change the serial port transmission speed, change the module name. Save all the above parameters after power failure
  • The length of serial port data packet can be any length within 240 bytes (including 240 bytes) (automatic distribution of large data packet)
  • Support mobile device application to modify module name, serial baud rate, product identification code, and customize advertising content and advertising time. These settings can be saved after a power failure
  • Support mobile device application reset module and set TX power
  • Support mobile device application to adjust Bluetooth connection interval. Unable to save settings after power down
  • Support anti piracy password setting, modification and recovery. Prevent malicious third party connections. Users can't use it either
  • Real time system status of ad content display module, including battery power supply and user-defined device identification code (applicable to ad application)
  • Support internal RTC (real time clock)
product HM-BT4502BW HM-BT4502W
Dimension (mm) 15.1 x 11.2 x 2.6 17 x 12.5 x 2.5
Applied voltage 1.8 to 3.6V
Service temperature -20℃~+85℃ - 40℃~125℃
modulation mode GFSK (Gaussian frequency) GFSK (Gaussian frequency shift keying)
frequency modulation 2402MHz-2480MHz
Current received data less than 8 Ma at 3 V
Current sending data less than 8mA@3V@0dBm
Current in standby mode less than 4ua at 3V
TX power supply -20dBm ~+8dBm
RX Sensitivity -97 DB

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