Digi anywhere USB plus 2, 8 and 24 USB 3.1 ports to Ethernet


Digi anywhere USB plus is the latest product of digi anywhere USB series: multi port USB concentrator that can be managed through Ethernet (TCP / IP) and cellular network.

stay Digi Anywhere USB PlusEquipped with port USB 3.1 (2, 8 or 24) , From Ethernet and SFP + ports (8 and 24 ports)

In order to process data faster. He is responsible for all necessary security and oversight agreements.


The 24 port version provides Ethernet port redundancy and power redundancy with binding function.


USB plus is the best solution for remote connection of USB devices anytime, anywhere

Warning: version 2 Port requires external power supply:

Standard power version reference 76002021 is provided with the product by default (included in the total price)

The optional extended temperature version reference 76000965 is more powerful and allows charging the device battery through the USB port. -If you select this option from the drop-down list, this power supply will replace the standard power supply in the package;


sample application 

Softdog key escrow for Data Center Virtualization environment.

Data acquisition, large capacity USB device configuration and battery charging.

USB device management

Specifications B PLUS-2 anytime, anywhere B plus-8 B plus-24
Ethernet 1 RJ-45 10m / 100M / 1g self test 1 RJ-45 10m / 100M / 1g / 10g self test
SFP+ Not applicable 1 SFP+ 2 square feet+
USB 3.1 2A 8A 24a
console port Not applicable 1 RS-232 db9m
Bluetooth Not applicable Table 4.2
option Not applicable Digi Core Modem 4G LTE-A
memory 512MB ram, 4GB flash memory (EMMC) 2GB ram, 4GB flash memory (EMMC)
LED indicator 2 eth, 2 (x1) USB, power supply 2 Ethernet, 2 SFPs +, 8 (x1) USB, power supply, fan, user, (3) Future Wi Fi / WWAN 2 (x2) eth, 2 (x2) SFP +, 24 (x1) USB, 2 (x1) PSU, 2 (x1) fan, user, (3) Future Wi Fi / WWAN
Power Supply If the USB port is used to charge the peripheral battery, 5V, 5A maximum STD 76000935 power supply (76000965 power supply) can be selected 12 VDC, maximum 12 A, with power supply Includes 2 power supplies for 120-230vac 50-60 Hz 3A maximum redundancy
consumption 25 watts maximum 98.5 watts maximum 157.7 watts maximum
Management / management HTTPS, FTP, SFTP, SSL, SMTP, SSH, CLI for web interface, remote management through digi remote manager
security TLS 1.2、SSH、HTTPS
Other routes Not applicable Not applicable Ethernet connection
Other shared functions Remote configuration utility; server supports multiple units; scalable software and firmware; patented realport ("serial over IP") and realport USB ("USB over IP")
USB power supply 1A per USB device
USB compatibility USB 1.1、2.0、3.1
Farm system Windows, Linux (to be provided at the end of 2019)
Multi host connection Yes, sir.
size 7.4CM x 11.8cm x 3cm 26 cm x 16 cm x 4.45 cm 45.09 cm x 25.5 cm x 4.42 cm, 1U rack
weight 38 kg 1.58kg 4.7kg
guarantee 5 years
Environmental Science
FCT temperature 0 ° C to 40 ° C 0 ° C to 55 ° C
relative humidity 5% to 95% (non condensing)
security UL 60950 / CSA 22.2 No. 60950, en60950, en 62368
Emission / immunity CE, FCC Part 15 (class B), en55032, en55024
User guide & Utility


Special options

76000965 power supply expansion temperature aw02-g300


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