XBee Pro 868 SX - long distance


stay Digi XBee SX 868 module It is a 868 MHz long range RF module designed for European market. The module can also be used in other parts of the world, or 868 MHz band is allowed.

It can run proprietary digimesh (mesh) network protocol, point-to-point network protocol or point to multipoint (star) network protocol.

It is equipped with a low-power silicon lab efm32 @ 48mhz microcontroller, an analog transceiver adf7023 and a saw filter, which can prevent interference, especially around the noise of 800MHz 4G LTE band.

These modules use LBT + AFA (pre call monitoring and adaptive frequency flexibility) technology. The available channels are used in an agile way, allowing the module to communicate 100% of the time, avoiding the "task cycle" timeout constraint.

In addition, by continuously listening to the radio environment of the module before any transmission starts, interference will be greatly reduced. If interference is detected, it will automatically switch to the new channel. Through this frequency scanning, the performance is improved.

This module only provides "surface mount" SMT form factor

XBee SX 868 specification
processor Adf7023 transmitter, Cortex-M3 efm32lg230f256 @ 48 MHz
frequency band 863 MHz to 870 MHz
Antenna options U. FL, RF pad
Debit RF 10 Kbps or 80 Kbps, software selection
Rate UART transmission Up to 921 kbps
SPI transmission rate Up to 6 Mbps
View line theory port The longest is 14.5 km With 2.1 DBI antenna
Transmitting power Up to 13 DBM ERP
Sensitive receptor -106 dBm@80 kbps,-113 dBm@10 kbps
Entrance / exit 13 digital I / O
Analog input 4-channel 10 bit
working temperature -40 ° C to + 85 ° C
Network topology Digimesh, crawler, point-to-point, point to multipoint, point to point
Security 128 bit encryption
Power Supply
Power range 2.4 to 3.6 VDC
Transmission current 55 Ma
Receiving current 40 Ma
Current sleep mode 1.8 UA
Approval / Certification
ETSI (Europe) CE / red
RoHS company accord with

XBee SX 868 development kit (xk8x-dms-0) include:
-Three XBee SX 868 modules (xb8x-dmus-001 and xb8x-dmrs-001)
-Three xbib-u-ss development cards
-External antenna, USB cable and required power supply

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