Remote access

Companies may encounter various delicate situations when setting up remote network access: Non availability of ADSL or Fiber on a new, temporary or mobile site, unauthorized access to the local network infrastructure, necessity to set up an emergency network access with true diversity, or quite simply to suffer from a weak or non-existent cellular signal in the server room.

In these situations, cellular routers allow immediate connection to networks, benefiting from 4G LTE-Advanced broadband. Integration with most network equipment deployed is facilitated by documentation addressing the main use cases.

Powering these routers via PoE allows you to position them in the area of ​​best cellular signal reception, thereby optimizing data throughput.

In addition, by connecting a cellular router to your main router, you will set up an effective back-up link in the event of failure of the cable or the main router.

All of our cellular routing solutions are equipped with advanced network and security protocols and are of course remotely managed.



  • Broadband
  • Quick setup
  • Advanced network and security protocols
  • Dual Sim operator support

4G routers