DIGI training in radio technologies

Radio webinar - October 2020

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Radio technologies training video (RF) offered by Digi International, integrating the XBee theme:
The essential criteria to be considered in order to optimize data transmission by radio are discussed: Line of sight, power, sensitivity, antennas with clear explanations, followed by an introduction to the different types and protocols of Radio (wireless) networks regularly used in the field ( Point-to-Point, Mesh ...) Finally a complete presentation of the XBee concept, a versatile RF modular platform, equipped with powerful development, deployment and maintenance tools.


Choosing the right thermal interface

Thermal webinar - April 2020

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The "Thermal Management" in the electronics makes it possible to ensure the good functioning of the system and to guarantee the lifespan of the components. Thus, electronic thermal has become a key element in product development.

For many years, electronics have been constantly evolving with a universal trend which consists of increasing performance, densifying and miniaturizing components. This undeniably generates an increase in the power consumed and a greater density of thermal power to be evacuated.

It is therefore essential to implement a robust thermal solution, of high quality, not very intrusive and capable of optimizing thermal exchanges in a highly constrained environment.

Description of the webinar:

If you've ever encountered heat dissipation problems, you know the difficulty of choosing the right thermal interface (TIM): it is a question of finding the best compromise between:

Performance, Quality, Costs
Integration, Lifetime, Procurement

Our thermal department is offering you this webinar to help you position the right criteria for optimizing your heat dissipation solution.

The XBee module, the IoT solution

Electronic webinar - June 2020

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Topics addressed:

  • XBee Concept, a complete integrated solution to bring IoT connectivity to equipment.
  • XBee range, including the latest generation XBee 3 with its brand new features, as well as the XBee cellular LTE-M and NB-IoT range
  • Xbee Tools, all the utilities made available to ensure configuration, programming and integration of XBee modules, deployment and supervision of equipment integrating these modules.

Description of the webinar:

(Re) discover why the XBee module is the most used IoT module in the world with more than 15 million units already deployed:

Flexibility, Features
Reliability, Longevity and Safety
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