Industrial data

Since the beginnings of Matlog in 1994, we have been offering solutions for Industrial IT of recognized quality.

Our range, initially consisting of PCs and I / O cards, grew during the emergence of industrial networks, around switches and converters, cellular routers, sensors and HMI solutions.

The solutions of the manufacturers that we have selected are customizable, hardened for specific deployment environments (Navy, Military, Rail, etc.). These solutions are also characterized by their ease of integration and high reliability. In addition, they include all the certifications necessary for their use in specific deployment environments (Medical, etc.).

Cellular Routers

Our range of rugged cellular routers will perfectly meet the requirements and constraints of industrial environments. They are native 4G, integrate many interfaces and have all the necessary network and security protocols. We offer a range dedicated to industry, to companies and to transport: security vehicles, Buses, Tramways and Trains, for which all the necessary certifications have been carried out.


Networks & Supervision

All network supervision tools, management console, remote access, out-of-band management and network switches. Also Wifi / Ethernet gateways to create a bridge between different equipment on a local or mobile subnetwork and a main Lan access point


Industrial Acquisition - SeaLevel Inputs / Outputs

In this section you will have access to all the Industrial Input / Output management products, Relays of the Sealevel brand.

SeaLevel American manufacturer with extensive experience in this field, the products being reputed with good reason to be very reliable and efficient, even in disturbed environments. So much so that SeaLevel offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all of its products.

Serial & USB Solutions

All conversion solutions and serial and USB gateways, Asynchronous and Synchronous Serial multi-channel cards, Conversion gateways for the management of remote serial and USB peripherals through an Ethernet network, and finally industrial USB hubs.

Industrial IoT Sensors

The world of industry now requires constant visibility into the state of systems or the traceability of assets. We are therefore witnessing the massive deployment of sensor networks, specific to each business.

The solutions we offer, as well as the different radio protocols used, are designed specifically for deployment environments.

We offer solutions from recognized manufacturers of industrial sensors:

  • Captemp specializes in the cold chain products specified EN12830: 2019
  • Monnit with a Wireless 868/915 ecosystem comprising more than 80 sensors including gateways and supervision software
  • Pikkerton specialist in Wireless MBus and ZigBee protocols.
  • Digi, simple sensors part of the XBee ecosystem