Integration and Services
Accompany companies in their digital transformations and in their technological projects from idea to production.

Making it available our ecosystem of appropriate partners for each project.

Adviser on The technologies to use, identify the best disruptive solutions with a industrial vision.

Full project management with perfect control of the value chain.

Our expertise and benefits

For whom?

Companies that don't know the world of electronics.

We will be their owner to carry out their projects:

  • Expertise in a field unknown to them
  • Reliability and quality of the solution
  • Saving time and costs

Companies that do not have the resources available (time and/or human resources).

  • We will be their outsourced project manager to carry out their project as if we were part of their company

Companies in need of advice in a particular area.

  • We will be their prime contractor.


With whom?


A network of reliable partners appropriate for each project.

Their role: Cthe project's different deliverables. The cohesion and therefore the coherence of the project is made possible thanks to Matlog who makes the connections between the partners.


These partners are identified and selected for their expertise in connection with the project

(e.g., audio design firm, developer specializing in applications that store data from a connected object)


They are regularly audited and challenged.

We have partners around the world based on customer needs and desired expertise.


Network of appropriate partners

  • Construction of a network of reliable industrial and technological partners (France, Europe and Asia).
  • Choosing the right partners for each project

Full project management

  • Human-sized business
  • Mastery of the value chain, allowing better responsiveness, adaptability, complete project management and therefore time and costs.

Tracking and optimizing

  • Regular Partner Inspections and Audits
  • Obligation of means, result and success

_Diversity of technology solutions

_Small and Medium Production Amounts

_Time To reduction Market

_Cost optimization

_Industrial strategy

_Sustainability of solutions

_Global Vision

Need more information?

Matlog - Angers

4 Rue de la Chambre aux Deniers, 49000 Angers

Mon - Fri, 9am - 7pm


Phone: '33 (0)2 41 48 79 50


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