Thermal interfaces

A thermal interface between a component and its heat sink is a key part of the solution.

This interface material (TIM) is indeed essential to ensure effective thermal coupling between the element to be cooled and the heat removal system.

To promote heat transfer, a selection of high performance thermal interfaces is available.

This wide range makes it possible to identify a unique solution which will meet the various constraints of an electronic system and which will offer an excellent compromise between:

Performance, Integration, Quality, Lifespan, Cost, Procurement



  • Custom design (samples made in 24 hours)

  • High performance materials

  • From very flexible to rigid

  • Low thermal impedance

  • Easy to integrate (manual, semi-automatic or automatic)

  • Negligible mechanical stress

Thermal Pad

Thermal tape

Thermal Putty & Gel

Thermal grease

Graphite & Graphene Sheet

Phase Change Material