Universe ARM 

ranges of modules at Heart ARM and SBC (Single Board Computer) for the development of embedded systems

Processor modules (System-on-Module or SOM) and networks (bridges) are designed to allow the rapid development of connected objects for IoT (Internet of Industrial Objects). Indeed, Ethernet connectivity, Wi-Fi/BT as well as the various interface controllers are directly embedded. In addition, the modules are pre-certified, allowing for the final certification of the equipment safely and at a lower cost.

Thanks to the processor modules, there is no need for advanced knowledge in component integration
design. The tools available at no additional cost allow you to fully focus on writing your app.
These modules are classified as industrial standard: Temperature, vibration and accelerated aging tests ensure that your equipment works 24 hours a day for many years to come.

These SOM modules also carry an advanced layer of security that protects your equipment
from intrusions or misuse. They natively incorporate a cloud connectivity option for remote supervision. They can connect very simply across the cloud on platforms like AWS or Azure. These modules are perfectly suited for deployments in the transport, medical, smart city, industry etc. sectors.


- ARM modules i.MX Digi: all the SOM DIGI offer around NXP's industrial i.MX processors: i.MX 6UL, i.MX 8X, i.MX 8M Nano, i.MX 6, 6 PLUS
SBC ARM Digi: SIngle Board Computer ready for use or development with all the necessary interfaces, including WiFi/BT connectivity, with the ARM modules at its heart i.MX Digi
- Development Utilities for Connectcore Digi modules
gateways to Ethernet: integrated gateway to bring Ethernet connectivity to a very simple way. Arm NetSilicon NS7520/NS9210

ARM i.MX Digi Modules


ARM Digi Development Utilities