Whether in the field of embedded electronics, industrial computing or IT network solutions, the richness of functionality, the reliability and durability of products as well as the quality of technical support are the determining criteria in the choice of our partners.

We are constantly on the lookout for innovative and reliable solutions to enable you to develop and deploy tomorrow's solutions today.

On-board solutions

From the component to the processor card to the built-in modules, we offer a wide range of solutions tailored to each use case.

Expert on the board and the radio, we will advise you the solution specific to your need.

Industrial computing

To collect, transport, apply processing and visualization of data in an industrial environment, our product selection includes acquisition boxes, switches, cellular routers, PC and IHM hardened.

Our solutions are tailored to each functional environment and include business protocols: Their added value is their perfect fit with the expressed need.

IT - Networks

At the heart of enterprise networks and data centers, our solutions focus on business continuity and the rapid restoration of failing hardware in optimal security conditions.

Our products are illustrated by their simplicity of integration into the existing network universes with a native recognition of the equipment already in place.

Thermal solutions

The optimization of a thermal solution is a key element to ensure the proper functioning of the electronic system and to guarantee the life of the components.

The complementarity of our products allows you to respond to the specifics of your system in order to offer you a solution adapted to all your needs.