Matlog is an importer and representative for France of electronic and IT solutions for the use of industry and businesses

Our network of international partners is made up exclusively of innovative and recognized manufacturers in the following fields:

Computers, industrial controllers, Ethernet / Serial / USB / Wireless communication modules, Operator and panel PC interfaces, Industrial keyboards, Acquisition and control units, PC in rack or mini format, rugged touch monitors, 802.15.4 radio components / WiFi / ZigBee / Bluetooth and Cellular, Interface adapters and Serial or Ethernet port Servers, cellular routers, Console, Out-of-band management, thermal interface materials, heat dissipation systems, temperature control systems, systems ventilation compacts.


Our positioning:

We want to offer an attractive alternative to conventional technologies used in industrial data and in on-board electronics.

Our solutions are positioned halfway between expensive turnkey offers and the component level from which the designer embarks on a long and risky development.

Thus, our standard programmable solutions allow our customers to develop their specific applications in an average development time 4 times faster than with standard design methods.

Consequently, our customers no longer position themselves as designers but as integrators, thus eliminating the constraints of finding components, keeping stock, and production. The risks associated with the length of developments and the vagaries of obsolescence are also controlled.


Our strengths :

A wide range of original products, at the cutting edge of technology.

Long-lasting and reliable solutions.

A full range of expertise and services around our products.

A structure on a human scale, responsive, knowing how to quickly find a solution to meet the needs expressed by our customers.


Embedded solutions

From the component to the processor card via integrated modules, we offer a wide range of solutions adapted to each use case.

Expert in on-board and radio, we will advise you on the solution specific to your needs.

Industrial data

To ensure the collection, transport, application processing and visualization of data in an industrial environment, our selection of products includes acquisition boxes, switches, cellular routers, rugged PCs and HMIs.

Our solutions are adapted to each functional environment with business protocols: their added value is their perfect match with the expressed need.

IT & Networks

At the heart of corporate networks and data centers, our solutions focus on business continuity and the rapid recovery of failed equipment under optimal security conditions.

Our products are distinguished by their ease of integration into existing network universes: native recognition of the equipment already in place is guaranteed.

Thermal solutions

Optimizing a thermal solution is key to ensuring the proper functioning of the electronic system and to ensuring component life.

The complementarity of our products makes it possible to respond to the particularities of your system in order to offer you a solution adapted to all your needs.