Cellular routers and IoT connectivity 

Our range of rugged cellular routers will perfectly meet the requirements and constraints of industrial environments. They are native 4G, integrate many interfaces and have all the necessary network and security protocols. We offer a range dedicated to transport: security vehicles, Buses, Tramways and Trains, for which all the necessary certifications have been carried out.



  • Industrial 4G Cellular Routers
  • 4G cellular routers dedicated to security vehicles, buses, trams and trains
  • Business Routers
  • Low cost industrial LT routers
  • POYNTING brand antennas: routers, infrastructures, vehicles, anti-vandals, navies ...
  • Remote cellular antennas and extension cables at economical prices

DIGI Cellular Routers

Transport, Bus and Rail Routers

Business Routers

ECO routers

POYNTING antennas

ECO Antennas & Cables