Tailor-made solutions

Faced with the complex challenges of digital transformation, companies can find themselves powerless due to a lack of expertise or resources.

Our technological expertise and our ecosystem of partners are at your disposal for the realization of your project.

We will support you from design to production of your solution, in accordance with your specifications.


Definition of needs
Identification of needs
Selection of technologies
Selection of partners
Budget study
  • Goal tree
  • Scoping note
  • Feasibility study
  • Risk study
  • Technical organization chart (WBS)
  • Functional specifications
  • Compliance matrix
Design & Development
Solution design
Prototyping - POC
Validation and Tests
Qualifications and Certifications
  • Operational specifications
  • Planning - GANTT
  • Budget monitoring
  • Task tracking
  • Work flow chart
  • Planning and ordering (PERT)
  • Requirement traceability
Realization & Industrialization
Component procurement
Factory audits - tests
Management of the different actors
  • Dashboard
  • Progress Report
  • Task tracking and
  • Planning - GANTT
  • Test report
  • Improvement of procedures
  • Quality monitoring
Delivery, conclusion & follow-up
Quality tests
Integration and Packaging
Logistics and Storage
After-sales service and sustainability of the solution
  • Evaluation report
  • Obsolescence monitoring
  • Process improvement
  • Evaluation report
  • Obsolescence monitoring
  • Process improvement


For who ? 

Matlog supports companies:
  • Not knowing the world of electronics
  • Not having the available resources (time and / or human resources)
  • Wishing to outsource their project

We bring them:

  • Expertise in new technologies and electronics
  • Our ecosystem of selected partners
  • Integral project management
  • Cost and Time To Market reduction
  • Sustainability of solutions

With whom ? 


Partners identified and selected for their expertise in connection with the project. This international network of partners is regularly audited.

Their role is to design the various project deliverables under the supervision of Matlog.

Matlog ensures the management of the project in its entirety as well as the cohesion between the various partners.


Integral design
of products
The complete realization of a product in the following areas:
  • Automation
  • Medical
  • Smart city
  • Industry
Design of a sub-section
of the project
Support for part of the project and / or the product:
  • Development of the PCBA (making the final product connected for example)
  • Design of electronic accessories to complete the overall project
Optimization of a solution
Improvement of an existing solution:
  • Change in technology used
  • Solution optimization, cost reduction
  • Product improvement: quality, robustness, durability, ...