Thermal electronic

The "Thermal Management" in the electronics makes it possible to ensure the good functioning of the system and to guarantee the lifespan of the components. Thus, electronic thermal has become a key element in product development.

For many years, electronics have been constantly evolving with a universal trend which consists of increasing performance, densifying and miniaturizing components. This undeniably generates an increase in the power consumed and a greater density of thermal power to be evacuated.

It is therefore essential to implement a robust thermal solution, of high quality, not very intrusive and capable of optimizing thermal exchanges in a highly constrained environment.


Many technologies have been developed in order to respond to the problems of heat dissipation in electronic equipment. However, each system has specific constraints that require in-depth analysis in order to identify and integrate one or more optimized solutions.

Thus, we have established collaborations with suppliers of thermal solutions dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of their products and who guarantee unparalleled quality and agility.

For each of your designs, tailor-made and efficient solutions will be offered to you.

Thermal interfaces

A component, a heat sink, its interface

Heat sinks

Increase the exchange surfaces


Cool with a draft

Thermoelectric Modules

Temperature regulation


Projects and product development are shorter and shorter and more and more constrained. Whenever the system is subject to thermal issues, it is essential to quickly identify a thermal solution that is efficient, optimized, reliable, easy to integrate, tailor-made and inexpensive.

Our expertise allows us to offer you services that respond to the thermal issues of your on-board or off-board equipment and above all that pool development, production and purchasing expectations.

Digital study

Numerical simulation is an approach that has proven itself as the impacts on the product and the project are significant.

Our consulting and support service throughout this process leads to a reduction in prototyping costs as well as a shortening of the deadlines between the upstream phases of projects and validation tests.

Your solution will be optimized from the development phase:

  • Diagnostics,
  • Advice to the drafting of the CoC,
  • Relevance of simulations
  • Validation of results