Sea I/O Extension Modules


Set up a powerful Sea I/O network with up to 246 Sea I/O N-series extension modules.

These extensions communicate with Sea I/O basic modules and the Relio Industrial PCs via RS-485 Modbus RTU and can be stacked or distributed throughout your facility using convenient connectors and accessories.


Box versions

Versions OEM

16 TOR 5-30VDC insulated 300V entries
16 Reed relay outings
410N 410N-OEM
16 TOR 5-30VDC insulated 300V entries
8 relay outings 60VDC 2A max
420N 420N-OEM
32 300V insulated TOR 5-30V Entrys 430N 430N-OEM
32 Reed relay outings 440N 440N-OEM
16 relay sorties 60VDC 2A max 450N 450 N-OEM
96 Digital E/S TTL, 2 DB78F connectors 462N 462N-OEM
Kit consisting of a 462N case
supplied with 2 CA237 cables
462N-KT -
96 Digital E/S TTL, 4 IDC connectors
for tablecloth 50 pines
463N 463N-OEM
16 12-bit analog inputs
2 12-bit analog outputs
8 TOR 5-30VDC outputs
8 300V insulated TOR 5-30VR entrances
470N 470N-OEM
8 300V insulated TOR 5-30VR entrances
8 relay sorties 60VDC/250VAC 6A max
520N 520 N-OEM
16 TOR 5-30VDC insulated 3500V entries
16 open TOR collector outputs 60VDC 1A max
530N 530 N-OEM
32 OPEN TOR 60VDC collector exits
1A max, insulated 3500V
540N 540 N-OEM
8 16-bit analog inputs
8 relay outings 30VDC 2A max
8 TOR 5-30VDC insulated 3500V entries
570N 570N-OEM
DIN rail assembly kit for Sea I/O module. Clip at the back of the modules.
Includes 1 rigid reinforced plastic clip - 2 screws 4-40 x 3/8.
Mounts on DIN 35mm rail with 7.5mm, 10mm, and 15mm profiles. Compatible with A-Series mounting rail.
Sea I/O module assembly kit.
Includes 1 CA239 communication cable as well as 4 metal fasteners - 4 screws 4-40 x 3/8 to assemble 2 modules consecutively.
Mounting kit on table, wall or support for Sea I/O modules.
Can also be used with the K122 kit (above).
Includes 2 metal fasteners - 4 screws.


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