Sealevel sealink USB / serial converter - 1 to 16 serial ports


Sealevel sealink USB / serial converter - 1 to 16 serial ports

Sealink USB / serial converter Permission to drive 1 to 16 channels of RS232, RS422 or RS485 from USB port-Yes. Software Seacom (windows and Linux versions) It makes the installation very simple and allows you to use the connected serial device as if you were using a native USB product.

stay The unique design of these products, based on ftdi circuit, can ensure constant transmission speed regardless of the number of connected devicesUnlike competitive products that use microprocessors, as the number of connected devices increases, the bandwidth decreases.

These sealink USB / series converters are high quality products and come with "High retention" USB connector Avoid unexpected downtime. Some versions offer a "sealatch" connection that locks the USB cable with screws.

The LED on the front of the housing indicates the connected serial port

Sealevel's sealink USB / serial converter lifetime warranty (under normal conditions of use)

USB / serial conversion Reference shell sealevel
Number of serial ports RS232 RS422/485 RS232 / 422 / 485 configuration dip switch RS232 / 422 / 485 configuration software
1 serial port 2105 rpm* 2106/2107 2113** 2123
2 serial ports 2201 2202 2203/2213** 2223
4 serial ports 2401 2402 2403/2404 2423/2433***
8 serial ports 2801 2802 2803 2823/2833***
16 serial ports 2161/2162 2164 2164
*Direct cable
**Serial port with optical isolation
***5VDC / 500mA can be used for each serial port to power other devices / 2 USB 1.1 ports
2164 - no RS422
Cable DB9 M / F CA127 On demand pricing
USB a cable CA179
DIN rail Kit DR102
Card 18 TB / 2 x db9f Tb06 type
9 TB card and DB9 M / f cable KT105
Tb06 board and DB9 M / f cable KT106


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