DELTA LYTE - Competitive price


Of a Excellent value, power supplies DELTA Rail Din LYTE are available in versions 12V and 24V, over a range of 75W to 480W outpute.

They have a Electrostatic protection, 15KV air and 8KV contact. Their cards are coated with varnish "Conformal coating»For protection against dust and common chemical pollutants.


General characteristics of DELTA Rail Din LYTE power supplies :

  • Plastic or SGCC / Aluminum DIN rail housing
  • Terminal block
  • Single phase
  • DC OK relay (used to power a relay)
  • Operating temperature -20 ° C / + 70 ° C
  • Derating above 50 ° C
  • Max recommended altitude 5000 M
  • IP 20
  • Certifications: IEC / EN / UL 60950-1 / UL508 / CE / CCC
Part Number Phase Output Voltage Output Current Output Power Type
DRL-12V75W1AZ Single phase 12Vdc 6.3A 75W Super Lyte
Slim format
DRL-12V120W1AZ 10.00A 120w
DRL-12V240W1AZ 20.00A 240w
DRL-24V75W1AZ 24Vdc 3.20A 75W
DRL-24V120W1AZ 5.00A 120w
DRL-24V240W1AZ 10.00A 240w
DRL-48V75W1AZ 48Vdc 1.60A 75W
DRL-48V120W1AZ 2.50A 120w
DRL-48V240W1AZ 5.00A 240w
DRL-24V120W1AA 24Vdc 5.00A 120w Lyte Standard
DRL-24V240W1AA 10.00A 240w
DRL-24V480W1AA 20.00A 480w
DRL-48V120W1AA 48Vdc 2.50A 120w
DRL-24V120W1AS 24Vdc 5.00A 120w DC OK Relay
DRL-24V240W1AS 10.00A 240w
DRL-24V480W1AS 20.00A 480w
DRL-48V120W1AS 48Vdc 2.50A 120w

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