PJB OPEN FRAME Delta Industrial Supplies


The PJB OPEN FRAME Delta feeds Have a power increase of 200 % for 10 seconds, a small leakage of power! And the possibility of a walk/stop has a distance for some model, and much more. A range of 3 Very compact power supplies, power from 100 Watts to 240 Watts Showing excellent yield with different voltages in voltages and currents of exit.

Common characteristics:

  • Power increase by 200 % for 10sec
  • Low current flow, low current leakage < 0.2mA for 100Vac and < 0.4 for 240Vac
  • Universal AC input voltage range
  • PJB OPEN FRAME Delta feeds have an MBTF > 200,000hours
  • Cooling the system by convection
  • PCBAs compliant coating for dust protection and common chemical pollutants.
  • Multi-purpose configuration options: open framework -Framework in L -and Closed frame
  • On/Off at remote option for certain models


The PJB OPEN FRAME Delta feeds are certified:

  • THIS
  • IEC/EN/UL 60950-1
  • TUV

3 years warranty.

Part Number Output Voltage Output Current Power Performance 115Vac/230Vac Cooling: Power Dimensions (inches) MTBF
PJB-24V100WBNA 24Vdc 4.3A (8.6A for 10s) 100 w 86,5% /89% Convection 6,10*2,44*1,32 > 200,00hrs
PJB-24V150WBNA 6.3A (12.6A for 10sec) 150 w 88% /90,5% 6,30*2,95*1,46
PJB-24V240WBNA 10.0A (20A for 10sec) 240 w 91% /92,5% 8,74*3,74*2,11

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