Rabbit BL4S200 / BL4S210


BL4S200 multifunctional calculator series has all the features and connectivity to enable the development and networking of all kinds of industrial control applications.

Available with its case (see drop-down menu)

Attention! The toolkit doesn't include maps, choose your calculator separately.

In addition to ethernet versions, the BL4S200 series offers wireless networking options via WiFi or ZigBee.

Rabbit is a brand of Digi International

 The BL4S200 series toolkit includes :

CD-ROM Dynamic C, a complete development platform, with complete documentation on CD.
- Full booklet documentation for handling.
- Demo card with switches and LEDs. This card can be wired with your BL4S200 for use of I/S and TCP/IP.
- USB programming cable.
- Ac Universal Power / 12 V DC, 1A.
- Beware, the BLXS2XX is not included in the toolkit, it is up to you to choose your card separately.








10/100 Base-T,

3 LEDs

10 Base-T,

2 LEDs

(storage programs and data)

1MO (Flash series)

SD card up to 1GB (Data)

512KO (Parallel Flash)

SRAM Memory (performance of dynamic or stored programs and data)

512KB (program)


512K (data)

Renata CR2032 backup battery or 3V lithium equivalent battery, 235 mA-h standard, Mounted on

E/S support configurable

32 E/S individually configurable

by app, can be configured in inputs 0-36VDC (switching threshold between 1.4 and 1. 1.0 V) or digital outputs (sinking mode) power outputs up to 40VDC, 200mA each high-power

digital outputs


8 digital outputs individually configurable by soft in sinking or sourcing mode , power outputs up to 40VDC, 2 A max. each

Analog entries

8 analog inputs resolution 11bits,

caliber: 1, 2, 2.5, 5, 10, 20 VDC Bipolar: '/-1', '/-2,/-5,/-5,/-10VDC

4 entries can be configured by rider in 4-20mA

Impedance 1m?, sampling up to 4100/sec sample.

Analog outputs

2 outputs 12bits buffered, 0-10VDC, 0-10VDC, 4-20mA, refresh up to 12kHz


5 ports :

1 port RS-485

2 ports RS23 2 or 1 port with CTS/RTS

4 ports :

1 port RS-485

1 port RS-232 without CTS/RTS

1 synchronous series port, multiplexed with 2 ports SPI RS-422 master

1 port series dedicated to programming / debugging


asynChrone: 120 Kbps Connectors


2 RJ-45 connectors: for RabbitNet extensions

11 Micro-Fit connectors:

7 polarized 2x5 pine connectors (no 3mm)

1 polarized connector of 2x7 pines (no 3mm)

1 polarized connector 2x2 pines (no 3mm)

1 polarized connector of 2x3 pines (no 3mm)

1 programming connector: 2x5 IDC (no 1.27mm)


1 Connector Ethernet RJ-45

Real-Time Clock

(date , hour, minute, second and calendar)


10 8-bit timers (6 cascadables, 3 reserved for internal devices) and

1 10-bit timer with 2 registers match




9-36VDC - 4.5 W max


-20C to 85C (-C

40C to 85C without the mini SD card)

0C to 70C


5% to 95% condensation-free


96 mm x 146 mm x 24 mm

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