Captemp Wire Boxes Sensors TH3 - Gas - Industry 4.0


TH3 Sensor Boxes - Several sensors can be attached to a case, and several cases can be chained over a length of 1200 meters, then attached to a Gateway NIDUS.

This solution is ideal for monitoring logistics warehouses, for monitoring the cold chain or environmental.

The Captemp solution is also particularly suitable for Industry 4.0, for production monitoring, Chemical Industry, Parmaceutics or other.


Model TH3-Gsens CO/H2S TH3-Gsens NH3 TH3-Gsens CO2
Measurement radius (ppm) 0 -100 0-100 0-5000
Resolution 16bits
Precision ±1 ppm CO typical ±0.5 ppm H2S typical ±1 ppm ±0.5 ppm
Measurement time 35 ms max
Measuring Element (SGX Sensortech) SGX-4DT SGX-4NH3 CO2 IR11EJ
Digital output type 2X DRY
Communication parameter 9600 bauds 8N1
Type of communication RS-485 powered at 1,200 m
State indication Red Flag: - Clignotte 3 times: Possible start - Click every 2 seconds: Everything is OK - Quick click: Wrong address - Slowly clicking: no sensor found
How it works Question-Response / Customer Configuration Mode/ Can be reconfigured without USB stick

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