Pressure Sensors and Distance Measurement

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Monnit Alta 868 MHz Pressure Sensors and Distance Measurement


PRESSION sensors 50 PSIG (PS-050) or 300 PSIG (PS-300).  Sensor recovers pressure information with 5V Transducer. Pressure sensors can measure the pressure of a gas, steam or liquid. PSI - Pound per Square Inch. 1 PSI - 6.895 kPa

ULTRASONIC sensor to measure the distance between the sensor and objects. These sensors have self-release algorithms to self-compensate for atmospheric changes (Humidity/Temperature) Precision 1 cm, maximum distance 4 meters for the AA version, 7.50 meters for the industrial version.

The industrial range is water-proof water/dust.

The batteries are supplied with all models.

ALTA Sensors strengths: 

  • Excellent Range Radio: In building up to 350 meters, including no direct line of sight and obstacle (12-14 walls) between sensors and Gateway.
  • Battery life up to 10 years (AA)
  • Internal memory up to 512 data per sensor
  • Security: AES 128 encryption
  • iMonnit monitoring solution: intuitive interface, 15' implementation

    Sensor Reference Match table
      AA Piles Sensor - 10-year battery life Industrial sensor with switch - 10 years battery life
    Pressure measurement, 50 PSIG MNS2-8-W2-PS-050 MNS2-8-IN-PS-050
    Pressure measurement, 300 PSIG MNS2-8-W2-PS-300 MNS2-8-IN-PS-300
    Ultra-sound Distance Detector MNS2-8-W2-US-ST MNS2-8-IN-US-IN-MPL

      Monnit sensors are used alone or in groups, and interface through a manufacturer's gateway to the control device chosen by the user.

      For the orchestration of the client's application, Monnit provides simple and intuitive software. The combination of sensors and gateways and software provides a consistent builder solution without development.
      For users who want to integrate a Monnit solution into an existing app or for developers who want to resell their own system, API commands are also provided.

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