Electrical Voltage Measurement

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Monnit ALTA 868 MHz range electrical voltage measurement and detection sensors are used to:  


Sensor for measuring DC voltages from 0 to 10 VDC (VM-010) , at the terminals of an equipment. Continuous voltages only

Sensor for measuring DC voltages from 0 to 200 VDC (VM-200), at the terminals of a device, with an accuracy of 0.01 VDC. Detects from 150 mV.Continuous voltages only 

Sensor to measure direct or alternating voltages from 0 to 500 VAC / VDC (VM-500), at the terminals of a device, with an accuracy of +/- 1 Volt, 0.5V after calibration by the user.

Sensor to detect the presence of CONTINUOUS voltage, 0-200 VDC (VD-200), ideal for alerting if the source is unavailable. Continuous voltages only

Sensor to detect the presence of ALTERNATIVE voltage, 24-500 VAC (VD-AC), ideal for alerting if the source is unavailable. Alternative voltages only.

The sensors are also available in industrial range (waterproof / dustproof)

Batteries are supplied with all models.

Strengths ALTA sensors: 

  • Excellent Radio Range: In buildings up to 350 meters, including without direct line of sight and obstacle (12-14 walls) between sensors and Gateway.
  • Battery life up to 10 years (AA)
  • Internal memory up to 512 data per sensor
  • Security : AES 128 encryption
  • IMonnit monitoring solution: intuitive interface, 15 'implementation
Examples of applications:
  • Measurement of electrical sources, power supplies, motors, Solar panels
  • Current measurement, consumption
  • Battery level monitoring for all vehicles (Cars, boats, etc.)
Sensor reference correspondence table
  Button Battery Sensor CR2032 - Battery life 3 years Sensor AA batteries - Battery life 10 years Industrial sensor with switch - Battery life 10 years
DC voltage measurement 0-10 VDC MNS2-8-W1-VM-010 MNS2-8-W2-VM-010 MNS2-8-IN-VM-010
DC voltage measurement 0-200 VDC MNS2-8-W1-VM-200 MNS2-8-W2-VM-200 MNS2-8-IN-VM-200
Voltage measurement 0-500 VAC / VDC MNS2-8-W1-VM-500 MNS2-8-W2-VM-500 MNS2-8-IN-VM-500
DC voltage detector 200 VDC MNS2-8-W1-VD-200 MNS2-8-W2-VD-200 MNS2-8-IN-VD-200
24-500 VAC AC voltage detector MNS2-8-W1-VD-AC MNS2-8-W2-VD-AC MNS2-8-IN-VD-AC

    Monnit sensors can be used alone or in groups, and interface through a manufacturer's gateway to the control device chosen by the user.

    For the orchestration of the customer's application, Monnit provides simple and intuitive software. The combination of sensors + gateway + software provides a coherent manufacturer solution without development.
    For users wishing to integrate a Monnit solution into an existing application or for developers wishing to resell their own system, API commands are also provided.

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