Humidity Measurement and Water / Liquid Detection Sensors

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Humidity Measurement Sensors - Water / Liquid Detection 868 MHz ALTA

Monnit makes it simple to detect the presence of water or other non-combustible liquid, or to measure humidity: Detection of water along a duct (WS - Water Rope Sensing) Simple water detection (WD - Water Detection ), with "WP" remote probe or Humidity detector (HU - Humidity)

The sensor water detection "WD"immediately detects the presence of water (30s). this sensor is delivered with a 90 cm" probe "cable.

The water detection sensor "Detect Plus" comes with a 90 cm probe. It is able to detect the presence of water or not. For example to alert when a tank is empty.

The version WS "Rope" comes with a 3 meter detection cables, with the possibility of adding extensions up to 30 meters in total. The cable is covered with a permeable membrane allowing the detection of water throughout a pipe.

These sensors detect the presence of water but also of any other non-combustible liquid.

The humidity sensor measures relative humidity, temperature and dew point. (RH 0-100%)

The sensors are also available in industrial range (waterproof / dustproof with switch - 10 years autonomy)

Batteries are included with all models

ALTA strengths:

  • Excellent Radio Range: In buildings up to 350 meters, including without direct line of sight and obstacle (12-14 walls) between sensors and Gateway.
  • Battery life up to 10 years (AA)
  • Internal memory up to 512 data per sensor
  • Security : AES 128 encryption
  • IMonnit monitoring solution: intuitive interface, 15 'implementation


Reference correspondence table
  Button Battery Sensor CR2032 - Battery life 3 years Sensor AA batteries - Battery life 10 years Industrial sensor with switch - Battery life 10 years
Humidity sensor MNS2-8-W1-HU-RH MNS2-8-W2-HU-RH MNS2-8-IN-HU-RH
Cable water presence detector MNS2-8-W1-WS-WR MNS2-8-W2-WS-WR MNS2-8-IN-WS-WR
Water detector, with 90cm probe MNS2-8-W1-WS-WD-L03 MNS2-8-W2-WS-WD-L03 MNS2-8-IN-WS-WD-L03
Water detector with 90cm probe, Detect Plus termination MNS2-8-W1-WS-WP-L03 MNS2-8-W2-WS-WP-L03 MNS2-8-IN-WS-WP-L03
Autonomous water detector "PUCK" MNS2-8-PK-WS-WD

Monnit sensors can be used alone or in groups, and interface through a manufacturer's gateway to the control device chosen by the user.
Monnit gateways are available in Modbus, USB, Ethernet, or 2G / 3G cellular serial interface and allow local or remote management of its application from any PC, server, tablet, mobile, smartphone,

For the orchestration of the customer's application, Monnit provides simple and intuitive software. The combination of sensors + gateway + software provides a coherent manufacturer solution without development.
For users wishing to integrate a Monnit solution into an existing application or for developers wishing to resell their own system, API commands are also available.

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