XBee Digi Development Maps

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These Digi development maps for XBee modules have been designed to enable quick, simple and cost-effective development of your application from your Xbee radio modules: All XBee interfaces and options are accessible.

The maps are available in version RS232, USB, and USB-C for the latest generation, and for the modules Crossing, SMT (CMS) and Mini, and of course compatible with the 3 generations of XBee (Series 1/2/3) Versions Standard or Pro



Any new XBee development map, this map is available for the 3 XBee form factors. It includes a temperature and humidity sensor, a current measurement, a Grove connector and a 40-pin connector to connect to the various pins in the XBee module.

XBIB-C for XBee Crossing Reference: XBIB-CU-TH

XBIB-C for XBee SMT reference: XBIB-C-SMT

XBIB-C for XBee (series 3) MINI SMT reference: XBIB-C-MMT


Option : GPS map to be connected directly to the XBIB-C-xx map ReferenceIn: XBIB-C-GPS



Simple development card for XBee module. The legs of the modules are split for connecting devices to the module or measuring signals.

XBIB interface Usb For XBee Crossing Reference: XBIB-U

XBIB interface RS232 For XBee Crossing Reference:XBIB-R

XBIB interface Usb For XBee SMT (CMS) reference:XBIB-U-SS



This is the development map version to use for XBee programmable series 2, Crossing models.

Among other things, it has a 20-pin connector to connect to the various pins in the XBee module, and a 6-pin connector for module programming.

Development map Usb for modules XBee Crossing : XBIB-U-DEV

Development map RS232 for modules Xbee Crossing: XBIB-R-DEV 


XBIB GROVE (crossing module or SMT versions):

This development card is a simple reference card to use. You can use it to test and interface your XBee and XBee-PRO modules and communicate with a PC or microcontroller. Its main feature is to have 6 "Grove" connectors for Grove sensor.

Map for version for XBee SMT reference:76000979 

Map for version for XBee Crossing reference:76000956


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