SeaLevel I / O Boxes - Multi-Interfaces Multi I / O


SeaLevel I / O Boxes - Multi-Interfaces Multi I / O

SolutionsSealevel data acquisition Sea I / O series interface to any computer by Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, RS485 or RS232. These multi-channel modules include a mix of analog, digital I / O and relay outputs.

They can be stacked to create a local power plant or be remote from each other over 1 km thanks to the integrated Modbus RTU network.

The user can thus chain up to 247 modules and therefore cover the most demanding industrial applications, or more simply configure a compact laboratory system. Whether in local or remote mode, these modules can be chain through a dedicated RS485 port

The modular Sea I / O solutions thus constituted are controlled by a SeaMAX software. This software includes configuration and diagnostic utilities, drivers, and is compatible with most versions of Windows as well as Linux.

Sea I / O solutions can also be controlled using commercial Modbus TCP and RTU software, but also using software Sealevel MOD + 2.0 diagnostic and test utility (now compatible with iPad and all Apple hardware): more info and download links here.

Product highlights:

  • Fully configurable inputs / outputs
  • 10/100 BaseT Modbus Host interface
  • Simplified I / O cabling in the field thanks to removable connectors
  • PoE, RainDIN option
  • Up to 247 chained modules

SEA I / O Reference Guide

410 series Interface Box version OEM version
16 discrete inputs 5-30VDC isolated 300V
16 reed relay outputs
WiFi Modbus TCP 410W -
Ethernet Modbus TCP 410E 410E-OEM
USB Modbus RTU 410U 410U-OEM
RS485 Modbus RTU 410M 410M-OEM
RS232 Modbus RTU 410S 410S-OEM
420 series      
16 discrete inputs 5-30VDC isolated 300V
8 relay outputs 60VDC 2A max
WiFi Modbus TCP 420W -
Ethernet Modbus TCP 420E 420E-OEM
USB Modbus RTU 420U 420U-OEM
RS485 Modbus RTU 420M 420M-OEM
RS232 Modbus RTU 420S 420S-OEM
430 series      
32 discrete inputs 5-30VDC isolated 300V WiFi Modbus TCP 430W -
Ethernet Modbus TCP 430E 430E-OEM
USB Modbus RTU 430U 430U-OEM
RS485 Modbus RTU 430M 430M-OEM
RS232 Modbus RTU 430S 430S-OEM
440 series      
32 reed relay outputs WiFi Modbus TCP 440W -
Ethernet Modbus TCP 440E 440E-OEM
USB Modbus RTU 440U 440U-OEM
RS485 Modbus RTU 440M 440M-OEM
RS232 Modbus RTU 440S 440S-OEM
450 series      
16 relay outputs 60VDC 2A max WiFi Modbus TCP 450W -
Ethernet Modbus TCP 450E 450E-OEM
USB Modbus RTU 450U 450U-OEM
RS485 Modbus RTU 450M 450M-OEM
RS232 Modbus RTU 450S 450S-OEM
Series 462      
96 TTL digital I / O, 2 DB78F connectors WiFi Modbus TCP 462W -
Ethernet Modbus TCP 462E 462E-OEM
USB Modbus RTU 462U 462U-OEM
RS485 Modbus RTU 462M 462M-OEM
RS232 Modbus RTU 462S 462S-OEM
462-KT Series      

Kit consisting of a 462 series housing

supplied with 2 cables CA237

WiFi Modbus TCP 462W-KT -
Ethernet Modbus TCP 462W-KT -
USB Modbus RTU 462W-KT -
RS485 Modbus RTU 462W-KT -
RS232 Modbus RTU 462W-KT -
Series 463      

96 TTL digital I / O, 4 IDC connectors
for 50 pins tablecloth
WiFi Modbus TCP 463W -
Ethernet Modbus TCP 463E 463E-OEM
USB Modbus RTU 463U 463U-OEM
RS485 Modbus RTU 463M 463M-OEM
RS232 Modbus RTU 463S 463S-OEM
470 series      
16 12-bit analog inputs
2 12-bit analog outputs
8 digital outputs 5-30VDC
8 discrete inputs 5-30VDC isolated 300V
WiFi Modbus TCP 470W -
Ethernet Modbus TCP 470E 470E-OEM
USB Modbus RTU 470U 470U-OEM
RS485 Modbus RTU 470M 470M-OEM
RS232 Modbus RTU 470S 470S-OEM
Series 520      
8 300V insulated TOR 5-30VR entrances
8 relay sorties 60VDC/250VAC 6A max
WiFi Modbus TCP 520W -
Ethernet Modbus TCP 520TH 520E-OEM
USB Modbus RTU 520U 520U-OEM
RS485 Modbus RTU 520M 520M-OEM
RS232 Modbus RTU 520S 520S-OEM
Series 530      
16 TOR 5-30VDC insulated 3500V entries
16 open TOR collector outputs 60VDC 1A max
WiFi Modbus TCP 530W -
Ethernet Modbus TCP 530TH 530E-OEM
USB Modbus RTU 530U 530U-OEM
RS485 Modbus RTU 530M 530M-OEM
RS232 Modbus RTU 530S 530S-OEM
Series 540      
32 OPEN TOR 60VDC collector exits
1A max, insulated 3500V
WiFi Modbus TCP 540W -
Ethernet Modbus TCP 540TH 540E-OEM
USB Modbus RTU 540U 540U-OEM
RS485 Modbus RTU 540M 540M-OEM
RS232 Modbus RTU 540S 540S-OEM
Series 570      
8 16-bit analog inputs
8 relay outings 30VDC 2A max
8 TOR 5-30VDC insulated 3500V entries
WiFi Modbus TCP 570W -
Ethernet Modbus TCP 570TH 570E-OEM
USB Modbus RTU 570U 570U-OEM
RS485 Modbus RTU 570M 570M-OEM
RS232 Modbus RTU 570S 570S-OEM
Series 580      
32 isolated dry contact inputs Ethernet Modbus TCP 580TH -
Ethernet with PoE (802.3af) Modbus TCP 580PoE -

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