ConnectCore 6 MORE - i.MX6Plus Quad


ConnectCore 6 Plus, i.MX6QuadPlus processor - 1 GHz, 8 GB eMMC, 2 GB DDR3,

Same footprint as ConnectCore 6 with 50% improved graphics performance, high-definition 3D video player. Improved 64-bit memory bus performance:

  • SRAM on-chip increased to 512Ko
  • Device set: PCIe, SATA, GbEthernet, USB, SD, MIPI, CAN
  • Dual-band WIFI 802.11ac 1x1 and Bluetooth 4.2, pre-certified
  • Secure Element Built-in
  • The same mode and consumption as connectcore 6
Declination ConnectCore CC6 MORE
Reference CC-WMX-KK8D-TN
Application processor NXP i.MX6PLus Quad (Cortex-A9) 1.2GHz with 1MB Flash L2 cache
Mca Onboard Microcontroller Assist (MKL14Z32VFT4)
Memory 2GB RAM DDR3
8 GB Flash eMMC
PMIC Dalog DA9063
Networks 1 x Gigabit Ethernet
  Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  Bluetooth 4.2
  Cellular: Slot PCI Express Lini Card 2.1 and Micro SIM
Interfaces MMC, SD, UART (x5), MIPI, SPDIF, I2C, PWM, PCIe, Display, Audio Etc...
Bus 26-bit external bus Address/32bits data
Other Power/Reset button, battery connector, JTAG, SWB,
Operating temperature -40 degrees Fahrenheit - 85 degrees Fahrenheit
Format LGA-400 2mm pitch / 50 x 50 mm

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