Digi IX14 LTE CAT1


9、 14 It's digi's latest industrial router. It is particularly hard and can withstand the worst conditions in the industrial world. In fact, it meets the standards MIL-STD-810G (temperature, shock, vibration...) has serial port and Ethernet port, allowing you to connect and control equipment or system remotely and directly

This is a router 4G class 1 (CAT1 10Mbps DL / 5mbps UL), with Back 2G If 4G network is not available.

Ix14 comes with 1 year access to digi remote managerSupervision and management platform and 3-year warranty period


Sample application:

Connect PLC sensor network, outdoor kiosk


Deflection IX14
mobile phone  LTE category 1
magnetic tape LTE B1 (2100) B3 (1800) B7 (2600) B8 (900) B20 (800) edge 900 / 1800
Maximum transmission rate 10 Mbps DL/5 Mbps UL
SIM card Dual sim card (Mini 2ff), card access protection
Ethernet 1 10 / 100 Ethernet port
series 1 RS232 db9m
Food and consumption 9-30vdc-3w typical maximum 9W
temperature -34 ° to + 74 ° C
standard MIL-STD-810G/IP54
agreement HTTPS、SSL、TLS 1.2 SNMP、Dyndns…
Routing: Nat, NAPT, GRE, rip, OSPF, BGP
Security: digi trustfence, state firewall, IPSec VPN..
Programmable Python 3.6-50mb RAM / 100MB storage
data sheet  https://www.digi.com/pdf/digi-ix14-ds.pdf 
file  https://www.digi.com/resources/certifications
Related products. https://www.digi.com/products/iot-platform/digi-remote-manager  


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