Digi XBee Industrial Gateway


The new industrial Digi gateway connects an XBee network to any cloud application: by default data connected and transferred via ZigBee connections and the Gateway aggregation are available for applications via the Digi Remote Manager monitoring software.

Thanks to the on-board Python software engine, gateways are programmable for local data processing and for the configuration of routing of this data.

These gateways are ideal for the deployment of industrial applications, such as sensor networks, and avoid the design and certification time of a specific Gateway.

Careful! the gateways are delivered without antennas or power. Refer to 2.4GHz (ZigBee) and Cellular antennas to choose your model.

Variations XBee Gateway Ethernet XBee Gateway Cellular
Cell N/A 3G - 850/900, 1900/2100 MHz
Protocol ZigBee PRO
Ethernet 1 port RJ45 10/100 Mbps
Program Python 2.7.1
Available memory 20 MB RAM, 20 MB flash
Power 5 Vdc regulated - Digi power imperative
Consumption Typical 1.2 W, Max 2.5 W Typical 3.5 W; Max 11 W
Temperature -30 degrees Fahrenheit - 70 degrees Fahrenheit
Management Remote Management: Digi Remote Manager
Security Security: TLS 1.2
Data Sheet https://www.digi.com/pdf/ds_xbee-industrial-gateway.pdf
Related products. Digi Remote Manager https://www.digi.com/products/iot-platform/digi-remote-manager

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