Sealevel Industrial USB Hubs


Sealevel's industrial USB "Hub" concentrators will allow you to add 4 to 7 USB ports to your industrial COMPUTing platforms. 

Sealevel Industrial Hubs are guaranteed for life

Features and features of HUBS Sealevel

HUB4PH : Hub 4 high-speed USB ports with power and connectivity. Presentation in a box. USB connectors type B 'high retention' - lockable mechanical safety SeaLatch.
HUB4PH-OEM : Ditto HUB4PH but electronic card version only to integrate.
HUB4PH-KT : Ditto HUB4PH but version on panel to be embedded.
HUB7P : Hub 7 high-speed USB ports with power and connectivity. Presentation in a box. 'High Retention' USB connectors.
HUB7M In: Ditto HUB7P. The 7 ports also have Sealevel SeaLatch lockable mechanical safety.
HUB7i In: OPTo-isolated HUB7P version.
270U : Ditto HUB7M but the 7 ports also have 1500 VAC optical insulation.

- USB hubs providing 4 or 7 USB ports compatible 2.0 (and previous).
- Each port provides 500mA (cases of HUB7P, HUB7i, HUB7M and 270U) and up to 1.5A per port (HUB4PH family).
- Reaches a maximum speed of 480Mbps, normal flow of 12Mbps and low throughput of 1.5Mbps.
- Compatible with all Windows systems, Linux kernel v2.4 and later or any other USB-supporting operating system.
- Operating temperature: 0 / 70 degrees Celsius (storage: -50 degrees Celsius / 105 degrees Fahrenheit).
- Includes a 5VDC -4A output sector adapter with d.C. lock-in connector (for the HUB4PH family, HUB7P and HUB7i) or a 12VDC - 2.5A- sector adapter with bare wires (for the HUB7M and the 270U). The HUB4PH-KT comes with a 5VDC molex 5-pin adapter cable to connect to your internal devices.
- Each model includes a USB A-to-B adapter cable (with model locking) (except for HUB4PH-OEM and HUB4PH-KT).

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