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IMonnit is the software to supervise Monnit's radio sensors.

It is essential to the configuration of sensors, the visualization of data, and the setting of alerts.

With iMonnit the integration of Gateways and Sensors gateways is very simple. Within 15 minutes you can complete a first configuration.

IMonnit Exists in multiple versions, "Basic" And "Premiere" On the cloud "Enterprise" Hosted.

IMonnitBASIC: Free version, with some limitations: 500 Max sensors per network, data kept 90 days max. The basic version allows the calibration of the sensors to customize the notifications, and the general configuration of the system.

IMonnit PREMIERE: Payant, from 6 to 999 sensors per network, the First version allows for more frequent measurement surveys, network mapping, access to multiple users and multiple networks, an advanced calibration model and many other functions. Rate valid for a 12-month subscription, to be renewed at maturity. The aBoning allows:
-Unlimited user accounts for system configuration, monitoring, and notifications.
-Verification or interrogation of sensors up to 10 minutes apart.
-Advanced sensor configuration options.
-SMS and e-mail notifications sent by the system when the sensor thresholds are exceeded.
-Unlimited data storage.
-Sensor mapping tool.
IMonnit API commands For integration in third-party applications.

IMonnit ENTERPRISE: Version hosted by the user, has the same functionality as iMONNIT "PREMIERE" to manage 50 to an unlimited number of sensors. Versions 250, 2000 and 2000 + sensors.For gateways to be programmed through iMonnit Enterprise, the gateways will have to be unlocked.

IMonnit EXPRESS: Alternative to the online version that works as a standalone PC application without needing an Internet connection. Versions 10, 25 and 100 sensors.  E-mail notifications when the sensor thresholds have been reached or exceeded (Internet connection required to send e-mail notifications). The iMonnit EXPRESS version requires the "unlock" of the Gateway gateway to be able to program the IP address.  The lock code must be purchased.


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