SeaISO USB Port Isolator


The SeaISO port isolator is a simple means of protection against damaging surges and transients that can often be found in commercial, industrial and medical environments.
ISO-1 protects both data lines and power, with 4kV medical grade optical isolation between the host control system and connected USB equipment.


- Protects host and all field equipment from damaging surges and transients
- UL compliance meeting EN60601-1 3rd edition
- 4 kV medical grade isolation for data and power
- Power supply via USB connection; supporting energy transfer with insulation
- Max output current of 1.1A when connected to high power USB port
- Supplies 300mA to downstream USB devices when connected to a standard 500mA USB port
- Supplies 500mA to downstream USB devices when connected to a 1A USB port
- High retention USB connectors prevent accidental cable disconnection
- USB 2.0 compatible supporting 12 Mbps full-speed transfer
- Supported under Microsoft Windows, Linux and other operating systems supporting USB
- Includes a 1m USB cable type A to B (Ref # CA539)
- Includes a 1.3m USB extension cable type A male to type A female high retention (Ref # CA536)
- Rugged version with molded connectors and overmolding of cables (Ref # ISO-1R)
- SeaISO OEM version without housing for integrators (Ref # ISO-1-OEM)
- Complies with CE, FCC, RoHS and WEEE directives and standards

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