Digi Remote Manager 3.0 - Digi Router and Bridge Supervision Software


Digi Remote Manager in its latest version 3.0 is probably the most efficient solution in industrial IoT for remote device management/control allowing you, among other things, to:

  • Monitor, control and maintain Digi Routers as well as Gateways andXBee Cellular
  • Create router groups, specific configurations, deploy en masse automatically, and automatically check configuration compliance
  • Automatically remotely monitor individual devices across cellular and radio networks, with optimized data consumption
  • Get reports and alerts on performance statistics such as login history, signal quality, latency, data usage and packet loss
  • Integrate equipment data to third-party platforms such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud IoT.
  • and more to discover in the video below

NOTE: It is possible to have a FREE DRM 3.0 test account to connect up to 5 devices and test all the features of the platform. Contact us to find out more


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