Module 4G fibocom nl668-lte category 4


Fibocom's nl668 module is a class 4 LTE 4G module with a theoretical throughput of 150 Mbps DL / 50 Mbps UL.

It also supports 3G HSPA + and 2G edge networks in case 4G is unavailable.

NL 668 carries a large number of protocols (as shown below) in two forms: LGA and mini PCI

packing LCC+LGA Microcomputer Microcomputer
Dimension (mm) 29.0 x 32.00 x 2.4 30.0 x 51.0 x 4.9 (analog audio) 30.0 x 51.0 x 3.7 (digital audio)
LTE FDD company B1/3/5/7/8/20/28 B1/3/5/7/8/20
LTE TDD B38/40/41
WCDMA company B1/5/8
GSM / GPRS / edge 850 / 900 / 1800 MHz
supply voltage 3.3V ~ 4.3v (typical 3.8V)
Service temperature -30 ℃ to + 75 ℃
data transmission
LTE FDD(Mbps) 150(dl)/50(ul)
LTE TDD(Mbps) 130(dl)/30.5(ul)
DC-HSPA+(Mbps) 42(DL)/5.76(UL)
WCDMA(Kbps) 384(dl)/384(ul)
Edge (kbps) 296(dl)/236.8(ul)
GPRS(Kbps) 107(dl)/85.6(ul)
eCall Yes, sir.
MUX company Yes, sir.
Interference detection
USSD Corporation Yes, sir.
pound Yes, sir.
FOTA company Dfota
Operating system drivers Linus/Windows/Android
Global navigation satellite system Yes, sir.
CSD company Yes, sir.
TTS company Yes, sir.
short message Yes, sir.
Analog audio Optional
Digital audio Yes, sir.
Voice code Yes, sir.
Audio playback / recording Yes, sir.
SIM card X1,1.8V/3.0V
USB interface X1,USB 2.0
Pcle company
SPI company Yes, sir.
ADC company X2 Not applicable
GPIO company Yes, sir. Not applicable
SDIO company Yes, sir. Not applicable
PCM company Yes, sir.
Sgmii company Yes, sir. Not applicable
Area / environment RoHS / Ce - Red / NCC / RCM / Anatel
operator Dtag / Vodafone Not applicable
Industry HF / GCF

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