Bluetooth modules IoT BT 4.0

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Cypress Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) modules BL100-CU and BL100-CL by IoTWorkshop are high-performance IOT modules.
They provide an ideal solution to connect any device to a Bluetooth wireless network. They also incorporate 5 PWM output channels offering a control solution, capable of being upgraded via the OTA method (Over The Air)

With its small size, low power, and very good performance against interference, this module incorporates a PCB antenna and uses an open buffer-type interface. This allows users to have more flexibility over the software part and structure of the product.
It will also significantly reduce the design phases of an RF application as well as debugging problems.

CU (UART Control) modules or kits are versatile and designed for any type of application.
CL (Lighting Control) modules or kits focus on lighting or light animation applications for games and toys.

General features :
- Wireless Standard Support 802.15.1 BT4.0
- Support for the UART data communication interface
- Low-power applications with an excellent energy-saving system
- Supports PWM output interfaces
- Supports the internal PCB connection (air)
- Simplified power 1.9V - 5.5V
- Small size: 22.8mm × 15.4mm × 2mm
- Certifications: FCC / CE / BQB / ROHS

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