XBee module - Series 3


The third generation XBee module,XBee series 3More powerful, integrated with new features, all in a new compact formatMinimum 13x19mm orThe traditional XBee crossover (th) and surface mount (SMT) formats achieve full spindle compatibility with XBee Series 2 and series 1.

XBee series 3 module runs on 2.4 GHz ISM open band and supports protocol Zigbee 3.0 (interoperable grid), number (equivalence) and 802.15.4 (point to point, star array). Configuration files are selected when configured through utilities Xctu company Or through product reference.

XBee series 3 modules also provide standard protocolsLow energy Bluetooth (ble) It is used to configure through smart phones or collect data from third-party devices. XBee mobile app SDK allows the development of smartphone or tablet applications that can directly integrate XBee data through ble?

Through integration Encryption element Independent hardware.

So is xbee3Standard programmable: integrated microphone motorThis will allow direct control of sensors connected to the module, filtering or aggregating data so that only relevant information is returned.

XBee series 3 modules are actually ideal for designing small applications efficiently and creating control logic directly on the device, so there is no need for additional microcontrollers.

XBee 3 standard has been pre certified as red CE. They have different ideas Antenna options: integrated (chip), u.fl, rf-pad (SMT models only), SMA (crossover models only)


  802.15.4 P2P/P2MP Zigbee 3.0 number
Module type Antenna type standard major standard major standard major
XBee crossing (th) U. Florida Xctu configuration file based on xb3-24z8xt module hardware Xb3-24z8ut-j type XB3-24Z8UT Xctu configuration file based on xb3-24z8xt module hardware
administrative management Xb3-24z8st-j type XB3-24Z8ST
pcb Xb3-24z8pt-j type XB3-24Z8PT
XBee surface mount (SMT) U. Florida Xctu configuration file based on xb3-24z8xs module hardware Xb3-24z8us-j type XB3-24Z8US Xctu configuration file based on xb3-24z8xs module hardware
RF pad Xb3-24z8rs-j Xb3-24z8rs-j
pcb Xb3-24z8ps-j type Xb3-24z8ps-j type
XBee mini (micro SMT) U. Florida Xb3-24aum-j type XB3-24AUM Xb3-24z8um-j type XB3-24Z8um Xb3-24dmum-j XB3-24dmum
RF pad Xb3-24 arm-j Xb3-24 arm Xb3-24z8rm-j type XB3-24Z8RM Xb3-24dmrm-j type XB3-24DMRM
chip Xb3-24acm-j type XB3-24ACM Xb3-24z8cm-j type XB3-24Z8cm Xb3-24dmcm-j type XB3-24DMCM


Xbee3 ZigBee 3.0 Development Kit - refer to xk3-z8s-wzm-include:

  • Three digi XBee grove development maps
  • Three xbee3 modules ZigBee 3.0 CMS connector UFL
  • 3 micro USB cables
  • 3 antennas with adapter
  • Instructions via web and video


Specifications Digi XBEE3
Digi XBEE3 Pro
Launch chipset Efr32mg SOC of silicon Laboratory
transmission speed RF 250 Kbps, serial speed up to 1 Mbps
Interior doors 60 meters 90 meters
Outdoor door / right front view line 1200 meters 3200m
Transmitting power 8 dB 19 dB
Sensitive receptor (1% per) 103 DBM normal mode
Data series interface UART、SPI、I2C
Configuration method API or at, local or OTA commands
frequency band ISM 2.4 GHz
shape factor Miniature, transverse, surface mount (CMS)
Interference immunity Direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS)
Analog input Four 10 bit ADC inputs
Digital I / O 15
Antenna options Crossover: PCB antenna, UFL connector, rpsma connector
CMS: RF Pad, PCB or UFL connector
Micro: UFL antenna, RF Pad, chip antenna
DIMENSIONS (L X l X h) Crossing: 2,438 x 2.761 cm
SMT: 2,199 x 3.4 x 0.305 cm
Micro: 13 x 19 x 2 mm
Memory 1 MB / 128K RAM
CPU SPEED / CLOCK HCS08 / up to 50.33 MHz
Protocols ZigBee 3.0, 802.15.4 and DigiMesh 802.15.4
Encryption 128/256 bit AES
SENDING RELIABILITY Re-emission/validation
Ids PAN ID and addresses, cluster IDs and endpoints (optional)
Channels 16 channels
Power 2.1 to 3.6V
TRANSMITTED CURRENT 40 mA - 8 dBm 135 mA - 19dBm
ETSI (EUROPE) Yes Limit at 10 mW - 10 dB



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