Gas detection and measurement sensors

Select your sensors from the drop-down list: C02 measurement 10 years - MNS2-8-W2-GS-C2


Monnit ALTA 868 Mhz Gas Detection and Measurement Sensor:
These sensors make it possible to detect the presence of gases such as CO, CO2 and H2S to prevent and alert, also sensors for measuring Air quality, pressure and air velocity.

CO2 level detection and measurement sensor in ppm (-C2)

Sensor for detecting and measuring the level of Carbon Monoxide CO (-C1): measuring range of 0-1000 ppm, precision of + -1 ppm. The alert message delivered contains the level of CO. 1 year autonomy for one message per hour

Hydrogen Sulphide level detection and measurement sensor (also called Hydrogen Sulphide) H2S (-H2S)Measuring range of 0-50 ppm with an accuracy of + -0.1 ppm.

Air pressure difference measurement (-DP) Measures the pressure difference between 2 nozzles. range from -500 Pa to 500 Pa. Calibrated for Air, N². Compatible with Air, N², O² and non-condensing gas.

Air Velocity Measurement (-AV): Measures the pressure, temperature and altitude between 2 nozzles and determines the air speed in a system.

Air quality measurement PM2.5 (-P25) Measurement of fine particles in the air, PM1, PM 2.5, PM10. How it works: a fan draws in a quantity of ambient air, then a laser counts the fine particles in the sample and measures their size.

The sensors are also available in industrial range (water / dust proof with switch - Autonomy up to 10 years for gases, and depending on the frequency of measurements)

Batteries are supplied with all models.

ALTA strengths:

  • Excellent Radio Range: In buildings up to 350 meters, including without direct line of sight and obstacle (12-14 walls) between sensors and Gateway.
  • Battery life up to 10 years (AA)
  • Internal memory up to 512 data per sensor
  • Security : AES 128 encryption
  • IMonnit monitoring solution: intuitive interface, 15 'implementation


Sensor reference correspondence table
  Sensor AA batteries - Battery life 10 years Industrial sensor with switch - Battery life 10 years
Carbon dioxide CO2 MNS2-8-W2-GS-C2
Carbon Monoxide CO MNS2-8-W2-GS-C1
Hydrogen Sulphide H2S MNS2-8-W2-GS-H2S
Air Pressure Difference MNS2-8-W2-PS-DP MNS2-8-IN-PS-DP
Air Velocity MNS2-8-W2-PS-AV MNS2-8-IN-PS-AV
Air Quality, PM 2.5 Sensor MNS2-8-W2-AQ-P25A

Monnit sensors can be used alone or in groups, and interface through a manufacturer's gateway to the control device chosen by the user.

For the orchestration of the customer's application, Monnit provides simple and intuitive software. The combination of sensors + gateway + software provides a coherent manufacturer solution without development.
For users wishing to integrate a Monnit solution into an existing application or for developers wishing to resell their own system, API commands are also available.

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