Digi Multi Programmer XBee


The Multi XBee Programmer is an essential tool as soon as you have a significant number of modules to configure.

It allows you to configure, load an application or change Firmware on the fly on 6 modules simultaneously. The color of the LEDs indicates the status of the module. As soon as it is ready you can replace it with another "hot"

The multi-programmer utility allows you to define a typical profile, an associated application for your module and to launch the task automatically.

You will be able to process jup to 500 modules per hour. Several multi programmers can be put in parallel for an even larger production.

The multi programmer is available for Through, SMT, and Mini models. As an accessory, programming plates with different form factors are also available to complete the possibilities of your multi programmer.

Multi Programmer Through Hole: XBEE-MP-TH

Multi Programmer SMT: XBEE-MP-SMT

Multi Programmer Mini: XBEE-MP-MCRO

Optional plate 6 Through Hole XBee: XBEE-MP-TH-PCB

Optional plate 6 XBee SMT: XBEE-MP-SMT-PCB

Optional plate 6 XBee Mini: XBEE-MP-MCRO-PCB


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