NWX Ethernet WIFI Gateway NR500 NCW

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NWX WIFI Ethernet Gateway NR500 NCW allows the connection of a subsystem to the local infrastructure via WIFI. Passerelle equipped with 2 or 4 Ethernet ports, an RS232 serial port, an RS485 serial port as well as 2 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs.

Use case: no RJ45 Ethernet connection available nearby for a piece of equipment or a local network, deployment of a temporary site and connection via WIFI Access Point to the local network infrastructure or even mobile subsystem requiring connection to the 'local network infrastructure

WIFI 2.4GHz b, g, n MIMO, Client or Access point mode.

The NWX Ethernet / WIFI Gateway NR500 NCW can operate in harsh environments (vibrations, etc.), the temperature range supported extends from -40 ° C to + 75 ° C. it is fitted as standard with a Din Rail.

Each NWX Ethernet WIFI NR500 NCW gateway is supplied with an external 220V power supply. however, it can be supplied directly via the screw terminal block, with a wide power supply range of 9 to 48 Vdc

These gateways can operate in ModBUS gateway mode. Many other application notes for implementing specific functions are available on request.

The WIFI antennas, not included in the starting package, are to be selected according to the use cases.

The NWX WIFI Ethernet Gateway NR500 NCW is guaranteed for 2 years.

Reference A512033 A514033
WIRELESS 802.11 b / g / n, Access Point or Client mode, 2 x 2 MIMO
Ethernet Ethernet switch 2 ports 10/100 Autosensing Ethernet switch 4 ports 10/100 Autosensing
Series 1 x RS232 (3 Pins) and 1 x RS485, Terminal Block connector
Entries exits Terminal block - 2 x Inputs / 2x Digital Outputs: 0-36 Vdc 100mA
Operating temperature -40 ° C to + 75 ° C
Food 9-48 Vdc Terminal Block
Routing (extracts): RIP, OSPFv2, v3, BGP
VPN: IPSec (5 tunnels) OpenVPN, Option DMVPN, GRE, PP2P / L2TP (Option)
Firewall, DDNS, ModBus Slave / Master (option)
Dimensions - Weight 10.6 x 10.6 x 4 cm - 0.3 kg

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