Rabbit core module rcm3319-reference 20-101-1195


Rabbit rcm3319 It is very suitable for developing embedded, high performance and secure web applications. Rabbit is a brand of digi international

cMain features :

Ethernet 10 / 100BaseT, RABBIT3000 microprocessor @ 44.2mhz,4MB series flash memory, 512KB flash memory, SRAM 512KB (data) + 512KB (Programmer), 49 digital I / O, 5 serial ports





Ethernet port

10 / 100BaseT, plug RJ45, auto tect, 3 LEDs

Flash Memory


SRAM memory

512KB (program) + 512KB (data)

Serial flash

4 MB

Spare battery

Connection of user battery or storage battery (support RTC and SRAM)

LED indicator

4: Act, link, SF, usr

Universal input / output

49 digital I / O:

-43 two way

-3 fixed inputs

-3 fixed outputs

Additional input

2 mode start and reset

Extra output

Status, reset

Input / output auxiliary bus

8 lines of data and 5 lines of address (shared with I / O), plus I / O read / write

Serial port

5 3.3V CMOS compatible:

-5 can be configured asynchronously (with IrDA)

-3. Synchronized configuration (SPI)

-2 can be configured as SDLC / HDLC

-1 asynchronous serial port for programming

Serial speed

Asynchronous maximum speed = clock / 8

Slave interface

The slave port is used to use the master device or smart device from the master controller

Real time clock

Yes, sir.


10 8-bit timers (6 cascadable from the first timer) and 1 10 bit timer with 2 matching registers

Watchdog / Supervisor

Yes, sir.

Pulse width modulation

10 bit counter and 4 register modulation

Pulse input

2 pulse inputs for speed measurement or event detection

Quadrature decoder

Input two orthogonal strings of the external incremental encoder of the module

Power Supply

3.15-3.45 VDC,325 mA@3.3V

Service temperature

-40 ° C to + 85 ° C


5% to 95% non condensing


Two 2x17 pin connectors (spacing 2mm) and one 2x5 pin connector (spacing 1.27 mm) are used for programming


47mm x 69mm x 22mm

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