Rabbit Core Module RCM3400 - Ref 20-101-0561


The RCM3400 modulefacilitates the integration of analog and Ethernet functions into a user system.

Rabbit is a brand of Digi International

Key features :

Microprocessor Rabbit3000@ 29.4MHz, 512Ko Flash, 512Ko SRAM, 8 analog inputs, 47 digital E/S, alternate E/S bus, 5 series ports,MAC ID installed (RJ45 Ethernet not installed but ready to be wired)


Characteristics RCM3400


Rabbit3000 - 29.4 MHz

EMI discount

Spectrum spread (radiant emissions)

Flash Memory


SRAM Memory


Backup battery

Battery/user battery connection (RTC and SRAM support)

Analog entries

8 common mass lanes (11 bits) or 4 differential lanes (12 bits).

Programmable gain 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 10, 16 and 20V/V

V/ref, Conversion

General-purpose entries/exits

47 Digital E/S:

- 41 configurable E/S

- 3 fixed entries

- 3 fixed outputs

Additional entries

2 start modes, Reset input

Extra outings

Status, Reset exit

Bus Entry/Exit Auxiliary

8 lines of data and 6 address lines (shared with I/S), E/S reading/writing

Series Ports

5 CMOS compatible:

- 4 asynchronous configurables (with IrDA)

- 1 port asynchronous series reserved programming

- Support for MIR / SIR IrDA

Series speed

Maximum speed in asynchronous - CLK/8 (bps)

Slave port

Slave port for use in master or smart device based Rabbit or other master controller

Real-time clock



10 8-bit timers (6 cascadables from the first) and 1 10-bit timer with 2 registers Game

Watchdog / Supervisor



10-bit free counter and 4 pulse width registers

Entry capture

2 entry-capture channels usable for time or frequency measurement

Squaring decoders

2 squaring chains for inputs modules external incremental coders


3.0 - 3.45VDC - 29.4MHz / 97mA

2.8 - 3.45 VDC@ 14.7MHz / 57mA

Temperature of use

-40C to 85C


5-95% unsted


2 male connectors 2 x 17 pines at 1.27mm step


35 x 29 x 7.4 mm


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